Tyumen — 2030 development program

Global megatrends

In 2030, the following areas are actively developing in the region

Digital technologies in different
fields of live, active transition
of business to the digital environment
Renewable energy sources
Provision of personal social services to each person on the basis of an extensive digital base of a person and society
Public institutions are moving into augmented and virtual reality
Creating new global goods and services
Cyberphysical production - combining the material and virtual worlds in industry
Innovative technologies: artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, robotics, blockchain
New sectors of the economy aimed at improving the environment


High standard of living of the population
The best conditions for doing business
GRP per capita is one of the highest in the country
Large trade, financial and tourist flows are concentrated
Major international business and cultural events are held
The world's strongest companies are localized
High level of development of the latest technologies
Residents of the region are actively involved in its development
The region is developing thanks to every person living here
Investment development program
Tyumen region

The investment development program of the Tyumen Region until 2024 was presented at the strategic session on January 22, 2020. This is a joint work of the regional government, business and experts.

The purpose of the new program is to increase the flow of investments into the regional economy, identify points of its growth and development, and form proposals to address issues that hinder the improvement of the investment climate.

The program was created in the context of a coronavirus pandemic, in conditions of high volatility and uncertainty. One of the priorities of the region for the next five years is the need to diversify and strengthen its own production base in various sectors and sectors of the region's economy.

Among the industries with the greatest investment potential in the region, the directions in which the conditions for cluster development or the launch of large anchor projects with state support have been identified.

Priority areas for attracting investments for the next 4 years
  • oilfield service equipment and services
  • petrochemistry and polymer processing
  • timber industry complex
  • tourism
  • agro-industrial complex
  • oil production
  • investment support at the municipal level
  • creative industries
  • construction

Selection of these areas during the program implementing makes it possible to create the points of investment growth in the region, that will have a cumulative effect on related industries and the economy of region as a whole.

Investments in the Tyumen region

This presentation contains the full program of investment development of the Tyumen region

Download the program
Contact for all questions

Smolyagin Igor Vladimirovich

Deputy General Director - Head of the Department for Attracting Investment Projects of IATO

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