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Geography and logistics
  • Tyumen region is a part of the Ural Federal District. Tyumen region has 4 neighbouring Russian regions - Sverdlovsk region, Kurgan region, Omsk region and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District. Also, Tyumen region borders Kazakhstan.
  • Tyumen region includes Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District - Yugra and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, which are the full subjects of Russia.
  • Tyumen region has an advantageous geographical and logistical position. The region is located in the centre of Eurasia - the western part of Asian Russia. Tyumen region extends from steppes of Kazakhstan to the Arctic Ocean and covers most of the West Siberian Plain

Natural potential

The region has huge hydrocarbon resources comparing to global scale, the major volume of Russia's proven oil and gas reserves are concentrated in the region.

Technologically extracted oil reserves in Tyumen region (according to Rosnedra):

252,745 million tons

(extracting oil reserves in 2020)

41 new hydrocarbon fields were discovered in Tyumen region

0,4 billion m²

(for 2020, the volume of associated petroleum gas production)

Together with the autonomous districts of the KhMAO-Yugra and YANAO in Tyumen region produces 55.1% of oil and 86.6% of Russian gas.

  • Tyumen region has large peat, agricultural and medicinal sapropel reserves in Russia
  • Forests cover more than 44% of the land. The main forest-forming species are pine, birch, spruce, fir, aspen, cedar, larch. Total stand stock 961 million m³

The region has huge reserves of fresh and mineral water. Groundwater contains more than half of Russia's iodine and bromine reserves. The mineral water is located at a depth of 1000-2500 m.

Thermal springs (temperature is +34…+38) are attractive to relax during a year. Nowadays, there are more than 20 thermal resorts in the region.

In 2020, Rostourism officially awarded Tyumen the status of the thermal capital of Russia

Economy and resources

Economic capacity of Tyumen region is proven with the contribution to the GDP of Russia The region ranks third in GDP per capita in Russia (including the Autonomous Districts).

Economy of the region

In Tyumen GRP structure, the largest share of value added is accounted for by industry, in which the key role is played by manufacturing and mining.

A significant contribution to the formation of the GRP of the region is made by:

Wholesale and retail trade
Professional, scientific and technical activities
Transportation and storage
Agricultural industry


The region is developing both traditional and new processing industries — food processing, mechanical engineering, woodworking, production of building materials; and industries with modern technologies and high labor productivity — oil refining, petrochemistry, polymer production and processing, ferrous metallurgy, glass and biotechnological production.

For the production of the Tyumen region in Russia:

  • 51% polypropylene
  • 40% polyethylene
  • 41% hydrocarbon liquefied gases (propane and butane)
  • 24% car batteries

The structure of industrial production in Tyumen region January - June 2021 (without the Autonomous Districts)

Manufacturing industries
Provision of electric energy, gas and steam; air conditioning
Water supply; sanitation, organization waste collection and disposal, activities on the elimination of pollution

Tyumen region took 3rd place in the rating of regions on the dynamics of industrial production, by the end of 2020

Industrial production index of Tyumen region was 128.7% in 2020. It’s 30.8% higher than the average in Russia.

Growth of «Manufacturing industries» The Tyumen region made up171,6% and took 2nd place among the subjects of the Russian Federation

Over the past 10 years, the region has put into operation 50 new industrial, 9 of which has been launched by foreign companies

One of the priorities of the regional industrial policy is the cluster development of industrial and infrastructure enterprises. Currently, active work is underway to form an oil and gas and Petrochemical cluster.

External trade

In 2020, Tyumen products were exported to 100 countries. The largest volume of exported goods was from the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Kazakhstan and Germany. The largest volume of imported goods was from China, Germany and Italy.

The region provides comprehensive assistance to enterprises. Entrepreneurs can take training courses, get advice at the regional Export Support Center, assistance in adapting the product for the foreign market, obtaining certification, finding a counterparty and negotiating with potential customers. Participation in international exhibitions and business missions are regularly held.

Structure of commodity exports

  • 45.6% polypropylene and polyethylene
  • 27% fuel and energy products
  • 7.5% wood
  • 4.7% food products

Structure of commodity imports

  • 75% machinery, equipment and vehicles
  • 11.5% metals and products made of them
  • 10.2% chemical industry products

The number of exporting enterprises is growing annually in the Tyumen region

Companies engaged in export activities, 2020
Of these, small and medium-sized businesses

Science and innovation

The West Siberian Interregional world-class Scientific and Educational Center operates in the region. The center conducts research on the Arctic, the resources of the «cold world» and the state of the environment; biological safety of humans, animals and plants; digital transformation of the oil and gas industry; education: individual trajectories fields.

The main subject of innovation infrastructure in the region is GAU TO «West Siberian Innovation Center». The technopark was created to develop new technologies and promote high-tech products. The technopark is a regional operator of the Skolkovo Foundation and a regional representative of the Innovation Promotion Fund.

Technopark residents' inventions are in demand in the oil and gas sector, in constructing and transport, in the field of information technology, medicine and agriculture.

During the period of operation of the Technopark:

Received patents by residents
Introduction of technological innovations

billion ₽

The number of projects based on information technologies and artificial intelligence is growing in the region. About 150 companies operate in the field of information technology in the Tyumen region.

  • Based on Rosstat data, the rating agency of the media group MIA «Russia Today» has compiled a rating «Index of scientific and technological development of the subjects of the Russian Federation». Such indicators as the availability and characteristics of the material and technical base, human resources, efficiency and scale of scientific and technological activities were used as initial data. Tyumen region in the rating of 2021 (based on the results of 2020) took the 11th place
  • In the Rating of innovative development of the subjects of the Russian Federation of the Higher School of Economics, the Tyumen region occupies the 10th place

The All-Russian Smart City & IoT Hackathon contest is a continuous 48-hour marathon of system developers in the field of competencies «Smart City», «IoT» and «Big Data»

Competition «NeuroOil», aimed at developing software for predicting oil prices

Online hackathon «Khariton» — this is a large-scale competition for programmers, designers and other specialists in the field of development.

In 2021, the first carbon landfill in Russia was launched, which will allow working out a complex of scientific and technological solutions for creating a system of reliable accounting for the absorption and emissions of greenhouse gases.

Researchers will be able to assess in detail the sequestration potential of each ecosystem, develop the most effective combinations of plant species and varieties in terms of carbon dioxide absorption. The results will be used in the implementation of reforestation projects, the development of agriculture, as well as in the creation of special carbon farms - territories with increased carbon dioxide absorption capacity. All the data obtained in the future will also be used to build models that allow using information about the carbon balance of reference sites in other territories.

invest in new technologies

Catalog of innovative projects of the Tyumen region

We invite you to take part in the implementation of new ideas, advanced technologies and innovative developments in various fields: IT and digitalization, oilfield services, medicine and health-saving technologies, construction, biotechnology and ecology

The catalog presents promising projects of residents of the Tyumen Technopark, universities, winners of competitive and acceleration programs, young scientists and startup teams

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Investment potential

Tyumen region as always has the 1st position In the National investment climate rate

National rating of the investment climate in the subjects of the Russian Federation, 2021


Investment volume*, 2020

billion ₽

*A high share of investments in the manufacturing sector of the economy and in manufacturing

Investment volume in 2020 by 2019
Volume* of investments per capita, 2020

thous. ₽

*1.4 times higher than the national average of 137.4 thousand rubles

Volume of investments per capita among the subjects of the Russian Federation, 2020


Aimed at business development over the last 3 years*

billion ₽

*20% budget of the region

Tyumen Region has created a business development infrastructure, financial and administrative support tools for the implementation of investment projects and the implementation of export activities. Supporting of investors in the «one window» mode is carried out by the Tyumen Region Investment Agency Fund. To implement the projects, three industrial parks «Borovsky», «Bogandinsky», «DSK-500» have been created. They operate under the management of the Tyumen Region Infrastructure Development Agency.The West Siberian Innovation Center (Technopark) operates in the Tyumen region to activate the innovative activity of enterprises, select promising projects and promote their successful implementation on the market. Assistance in the promotion of goods, works, and services to foreign markets is provided by the Export Support Center of the Tyumen region.

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Taking into consideration the proposals of the business community, a regional investment development program has been developed in 2020, more information about it is the section Tyumen 2030.

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«Tyumen is a magnificent, trading,commercial, industrial, crowded and convenient city - whatever you want! All that says Siberia is a trading, wealthy and one of the strongest lands of the world»
by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, the great Russian writer (diary entries)

How the Tyumen wealth began

The basis of Tyumen region prosperity was founded by our ancestors. Since the accession to Tsar Russia of the vast territory beyond the Urals and up to this day, our region is famous for countless natural resources, strong spirit, brave, enterprising and generous people. In 1586, on the liberated Siberian land, the voivodes Sukin and Myasnoy built the city of Tyumen, which in the future will become the center of a huge territory. From here the Streltsy and Cossacks went to the North and East to visit new lands

Until the mid- nineteenth century, Siberian sable fur was the main product of the region exported to the world market. Siberian «soft gold» — fur supplied more than a third of the world demand for sable fur, and its export was many times higher than export of metals and oil.

In the last decade of the XIX century, «bread gold» — grain, was added to sable fur. In some years, Siberia provided three-quarters of all bread exported by Russia. The «white gold» of the twentieth century was butter.

Well-being is our heritage

Today, many consider Tyumen Region an oil region only. But this is a misconception, because Tyumen is developing not only due to oil. The harsh but virtuous region gave the country outgoing people — the people of Tyumen have always had inner entrepreneurship. 400 years ago, the founders of Tyumen could not even imagine what the future of our region would be.

Persistence and faith made Tyumen region the most investment-attractive region of Russia in 2018. People who have done so much to make our region what it is now, are known not only in Tyumen, but also beyond the region.

The power of Tyumen region, which is rightfully called the backbone of the state, is based on mutual support and respect among the people. We still have to do a lot to develop our high potential. It means that new bright pages will be in the history of the region. In the XXI century, Tyumen region is welcoming and waiting for investors.

in 1586

Cossack voivodes Sukin and Myasnoy laid the fortress (ostrog) Tyumen and the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin

in 1909

The State Duma decided to lay a railway through Tyumen, thanks to the Transsib, the city received an impetus for development for decades to come

21 June's 1960

For the first time, a real oil fountain hit - almost 400 tons per day, this event marked the beginning of the development of a whole constellation of oil and gas fields

in 1983

The first trillion cubic meter of Tyumen gas was produced at the fields of Tyumengazprom. The Tyumen Region has been moving towards this milestone for three decades.

in 2020

Tyumen Region is the leading region in the country in terms of socio-economic development

in 2030

Tyumen Region is the leading region in the country in terms of socio-economic development

Land of great people

People are the most precious value of the region. Historically we are determined to develop constantly and improve everything around us. Only people of spirit who were motivated to build a greater future here, not only for the current, but also for the next generations took root in Siberia.

Today there are all the opportunities to do business, build a successful career and get an education in Tyumen region. large international and Russian companies work in the region. This is a land of great opportunities, open to the whole world.

Dmitry Mendeleev

The future great chemist Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev was born on January 27 , 1834 in Tobolsk.

Among his most famous discoveries is the periodic law of chemical elements. Out of the huge number of Mendeleev's works and projects, his oil business stands out with special state importance. 100 years before in Oil was found in Tyumen, it was he who planned the first Russian oil storage facilities. The famous phrase of the scientist is known: «Oil is not fuel. You can also drown with banknotes.»

He was also the first to propose transporting oil through pipes, building the first oil refinery. Thus, Russia was able not only to abandon the import of kerosene from America, but also began exporting petroleum products to Europe. This allowed Russian industrialists to get far ahead in the competitive struggle.

The Tobolsk native was repeatedly awarded orders not only of the Russian Empire, but also of foreign countries.

Andrey Tekutyev

A native of the peasants, Andrey Tekutyev became one of the richest people in the province.

At his own expense, he maintained shelters, schools, built hospitals, was engaged in charity, perhaps because he himself came out of the grassroots. Thanks to Tekutyev, a theater appeared in Tyumen. It's amazing: after all, in Tyumen had many educated and rich people, and the theater was founded by a man far from art, coming from the peasant class. The arrival of cinema is also the merit of Tekutyev. The first film screenings in the history of the city were held in the building of his theater.

For his time, Tekutyev was very progressive. Not only did he build a two-story hospital, but he also installed an X-ray machine there - such technical innovations cost a fortune. He initiated the establishment of a telephone message in the city and was one of the first to use the phone. He also made attempts for the first time to bring electricity to the city streets.

Thanks to Tekutyev through The Trans-Siberian railway passed through Tyumen, giving an impetus to the development of agriculture and industry.

Savva Mamontov

Savva Mamontov, entrepreneur and philanthropist was born in Yalutorovsk in 1841 in a merchant family. According to the researchers, some of Mamontov's ideas even «anticipated their time».

It was he who decided to carry out the railway branch from Yaroslavl to Kostroma and Kineshma. An important project of Savva Mamontov was the Northern Highway. He alone saw prospects in the construction of a railway through the tundra and anticipated the possibilities of land development. To present the project in all its splendor, Savva opened a pavilion dedicated to the richness of the Russian North at the Nizhny Novgorod exhibition. The organization was attended by artists Mikhail Vrubel and Konstantin Korovin. Impressed, the emperor recognized the idea of developing the North as promising.So, a native of Yalutorovsk, influenced the formation of the transport network in Of Russia. His railways, which were perceived by some contemporaries as unprofitable, turned out to be the arteries feeding the country.

Savva's commercial boldness, sometimes bordering on adventurism, was combined with his aesthetic inclinations. It is not surprising that Mamontov, investing heavily in support of Russian art, became one of the founders of socially responsible entrepreneurship.

Victor Muravlenko
(1912 -1977)

Viktor Muravlenko - Head of the largest enterprise in the USSR oil industry «Glavtyumenneftegaz».

He said: «We - the oilmen - have our own professional pride. She constantly calls us from the habitable, settled nests to new places, to the development of new oil - to the place where it is necessary to win it from the bowels. Oil attracts us...».

Viktor Muravlenko was a pioneer, converter and builder of the oil region, he actively introduced new oil production technologies in the harsh conditions of Siberia. It was he who came up with the idea of building «ice roads» that did not melt until June to deliver drilling equipment, fuel and food to drilling rigs.

For his contribution to the creation of an important energy base of the USSR, he was nicknamed the oil marshal.

Yuri Hervier
(1909 -1991)

Yuri Hervier is called the patriarch of Tyumen geological exploration. He supervised large-scale works that led to the discovery of the largest oil and gas fields in Western Siberia.

«I came to geological exploration as a twenty-year-old boy. And for the rest of his life he chose for himself a road that has no end, because no one knows where nature has hidden the keys to its treasures. Geology is an eternal search,» admitted Hervier.

In the 60-70s of the last century, this man was a living legend. He was called the leader of the Tyumen geologists. For outstanding achievements , numerous state awards of Yuri Hervier were supplemented by the Lenin Prize.

In total, during his leadership of Glavtyumengeology, more than 250 oil and gas fields were explored and discovered, including unique oil fields.

Unique Places

Explore Siberia in Tyumen region. We are happy to share beautiful and abundant nature, mineral baths with healing water, and show our millennial cultural heritage.

The capital of the Tyumen region is a modern business center, with a unique variety of merchant houses - monuments of wooden architecture. The ancient capital of the Siberian province — Tobolsk is rightfully considered one of the wonders of Russia. There is the only white-stone Kremlin in Siberia. The highlights of Tyumen region are cozy Yalutorovsk and Ishim.

Read more about all the tourist opportunities of the Tyumen Region on the website visittyumen.ru

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